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Recent Work: Wild and Free Book

Last summer I was invited to work on a manuscript for an upcoming Zondervan book called Wild and Free by Hayley Morgan and Jess Connolly. It’s a powerful anthem for young women to embrace who she is — and to reject the voices from within and without that tell them they’re too much or not enough. It was published in May and hit #95 sales rank out of all books on Amazon that day. Amazing! I provided developmental edit (a document with macro notes and the manuscript with notes throughout). For example, one of the immediate problems I saw with the manuscript was that it wasn’t clear which author was speaking when. To solve this problem, they added the speakers’ names to their respective chapter names. Problem solved! Table of Contents Anthem // Jennie Allen Introductions CHAPTER 1 // Jess: We Have Become Tame and Tethered CHAPTER 2 // Hayley: We Have…