Recent Work: Wild and Free Book

Last summer I was invited to work on a manuscript for an upcoming Zondervan book called Wild and Free by Hayley Morgan and Jess Connolly.

It’s a powerful anthem for young women to embrace who she is — and to reject the voices from within and without that tell them they’re too much or not enough.

It was published in May and hit #95 sales rank out of all books on Amazon that day. Amazing!

I provided developmental edit (a document with macro notes and the manuscript with notes throughout). For example, one of the immediate problems I saw with the manuscript was that it wasn’t clear which author was speaking when. To solve this problem, they added the speakers’ names to their respective chapter names. Problem solved!

Table of Contents

Anthem // Jennie Allen
CHAPTER 1 // Jess: We Have Become Tame and Tethered
CHAPTER 2 // Hayley: We Have Become Caged by Our Limitations
CHAPTER 3 // Jess: God of the Wild
CHAPTER 4 // Hayley: The God of Freedom
CHAPTER 5 // Jess: Our Eden Identity: Created as Wild and Good
CHAPTER 6 // Hayley: Our Redeemed Identity: Recreated as Free
CHAPTER 7 // Jess: Your Invitation Back to the Wild
CHAPTER 8 // Hayley: Unchained and Unafraid
CHAPTER 9 // Jess: The Danger of Staying Tame
CHAPTER 10 // Hayley: When We Prefer Captivity
CHAPTER 11 // Jess: Spreading like Wildfire
CHAPTER 12 // Hayley: A Campfire Commissioning


Wild and Free Book Trailer from Hayley Morgan on Vimeo.



The point is that no matter where our gaze is right now, we’re trapped by expectation and it seems like we’re destined to fail. Our eyes dart about from habitat to habitat, wondering what is wrong with us and looking for ways we can become more like the perfect woman, whoever she is. But there is a way back. There is a way home. In our lifetimes, we probably won’t return to the Garden of Eden to all live there peacefully together, but by looking closer at our good God, we can drown out the noise and hear a little more clearly.  – Jess, Chapter 1

God has made women as incredibly varied and individual beings. There are so many beautiful facets to a woman, and I see that in the lives of the women I do everyday life with. But, here is one thing I believe to be true of most women. Women are living defensively, all bound up by their own fears and self- imposed limitations. When we feel like we’re not enough, we try to puff ourselves up and get big. It’s easy in a world that says “Do big things!” to feel like you don’t measure up. On the other hand, when we feel like we’re way too much, it can be tempting to get low, even if it’s with a self-serving false humility. These are two sides of the same coin, and I feel both too much and never enough all the time. – Hayley, Chapter 2

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